The main purpose is creating a platform that contains a space that problems and demands of the Historical Peninsula of İstanbul can be reported and ideas which solve and discuss these problems with every interdisciplinary insight can be in. Within the scope of this aim, building a infrastructure to the special areas with special insight and production is required. With the first form of reconstructing of symposium, continuity is basic aim.


Historical Peninsula of İstanbul which starts from Sirkeci-Eminönü include a wide area that from the Marmara Sea, the Topkapı Palace, the Ancient Byzantine city walls to the border of Yedikule and from the side of the Golden Horn Ancient Khans Region, Fener-Greek Patriarchate to Eyüp. Historical Peninsula of İstanbul includes almost all of the historical and cultural areas in İstanbul. Protecting Historical Peninsula of İstanbul is very important to protect rich heritages from the works of arts to the social and religious institutions and to transfer them to the future.

The study area includes the boundaries of the historical peninsula in Istanbul. Formations in the neighboring placements of the peninsula are included by the symposium. Every field of expertise which will contribute to this important area may present declaration.