We desire to evaluate all experience of each profession, institutions and agencies, non-governmental organizations, private organizations, and users within the scope of Historical Peninsula of Istanbul in the ARCHPI 2013 Platform on the 1st-5th October,2013.

Registering is necessary if want to participate with declaration-posters and workshops or like a listener in the ARCHPI 2013 Platform. Every workshops are welcome for each different insights from different disciplines.

Students can participate in the workshops.Participating in these workshops is free for students. The editing commitee, which takes into consideration the participants' demands has decided to prepare notificationtions, posters, workshop acceptance without payment for İstanbul Historical Peninsula, appilcation and research center 2013 Symposium by taking into consideration the sponsorships. The prices paid by the participants until this time, is going to paid back to them.

we expect to see everybody who contributes to the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul which has an important place in the world's cultural values.